Invite to a premium webinar - AI demand & supply in Finland (3.6.2020)


VTT, Intel, OP and TT invite you to the Finnish webinar on AI. Broadcast is from a professional studio, super interesting speakers and Peter Nyman as the host. Fill out our survey, join us and be part of AI in Finland.

The four organizations are co-operating under freeform arrangement, we simply share interest and willingness to drive AI adoption.

Objective in the webinar is to gather data on the demand for AI in the Finnish marketplace, analyze it and share the key observations back to audience. As well as that, we provide to you an updated view on the supply, meaning who’s out there offering AI in Finland.

Finally, we add to the mix local and European leaders’ voices on how they see AI, plus a panel discussion led by our host Peter Nyman (Uutisvuoto, MTV3 news).

Date & time

Wednesday 3.6.2020 at 09:30 Helsinki time (GMT+3)

Agenda & speakers

  • 09:30 Welcome!
  • 9:35 Results of the AI demand survey (Heikki Ailisto, research professor, VTT)
  • 10:20 Case example - OP (Sameli Mäenpää, EVP and chief data officer)
  • 10:30 AI supply in Finland (Antti Poikola, co-lead, Finnish AI Accelerator, TT)
  • 11:00 Case example - CERN (Alberto di Meglio, head of CERN openlab)
  • 11:10 Panel discussion lead by Peter Nyman (Intel, OP, VTT and TT – you can send in your questions and topics into this session)
  • 11:30 Adjourn

Start here - fill in our "AI demand in Finland" survey

As part of the invitation process, we humbly ask 10 minutes of time to fill in our survey. The survey is in this link:  

Registration process

  1. Click the survey link above. It’ll take you on a simple landing page where you select language, English or Finnish.
  2. When filling in the survey, add your email address when asked so we can send you the invite with the necessary teleconferencing details.
  3. You'll receive the invitation email and teleconference bridge link around May 10th.

You can also fill in the survey without attending the webinar, in that case, you can also answer the survey anonymously. Everything else - such as your input into the panel discussion – contact Petteri Heino, Intel Finland Oy, by email:

Heikki Ailisto
Heikki Ailisto
Research expertise