Himadri Majumdar nominated as Manager, Quantum at VTT: “My long-term objective is to help bring the benefits of quantum computing to society and business”


Himadri Majumdar, PhD, has started a new role as Manager, Quantum on August 1, 2020. In his new role, Dr. Majumdar will be responsible for coordinating VTT’s quantum initiative, including the quantum computer acquisition project that was announced in May.

Dr. Majumdar has worked at VTT in various roles since June 2012, holding his current position as Head of Sales since March 2018. He will make a gradual transition to his new role in the coming months and take over as Manager, Quantum full-time starting October 1. The creation of this new position is due to VTT’s ambitious three-phase project to acquire Finland’s first quantum computer. The project was first announced in May 2020  and it has secured EUR 20.7 million in funding from the government of Finland.

In his new role, Dr. Majumdar will be responsible for managing the activities of the quantum computer project. He will also focus on building networks and creating opportunities for collaboration both in Finland and internationally to drive Finland’s quantum innovation ecosystem with partners from business and academia. 

”The decision to build a quantum computer is a bold and important step for both VTT and Finland, especially in the current state of uncertainty. Such steps inspire businesses – as well as the whole country – to look positively towards the future. I consider it my long-term objective to help bring the benefits of quantum computing to society and business,” Dr. Majumdar says.

The project, which will be carried out as an innovation partnership, was opened for international public tender in May, and the selected partner will be announced later in the autumn. 

“Himadri is without a doubt an excellent fit for this new position. His skillset and background make him highly competent, but even more importantly, Himadri’s enthusiasm and strong commitment will be invaluable in driving the future of quantum at VTT and beyond,” says Tua Huomo, EVP, Knowledge-intensive products and services at VTT.

The project and its initial government funding of nearly EUR 21 million are expected to trigger growth in quantum computer related activities at VTT and in Finland. This will also create a growing demand for expertise in quantum technologies. VTT is actively recruiting new talent in quantum technologies , and it will continue to work closely with Finnish university partners to educate and train the future work force.

Himadri Majumdar
Himadri Majumdar