Finland has significant export potential in electrolysis technology – clean hydrogen solutions are now being developed through extensive cooperation

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Clean hydrogen is a renewable resource and plays an important role in industrial reform and electrification. Hydrogen is a business that is growing rapidly both in the EU and globally. A new research project aiming to accelerate Finnish value chain in hydrogen technology involves 17 companies, eg. ABB, Wärtsilä, Valmet, Helen, Fortum and Neste, as well as research partners VTT, LUT University and Aalto University.

VTT, LUT University, Aalto University and partner companies are involved in a joint effort to improve Finland’s know-how and competitiveness in the production of clean hydrogen and related business. They are aiming at important objectives: reducing carbon dioxide emissions and the use of fossil fuels, increasing Finnish technology exports and creating cleantech jobs. Clean hydrogen has a wide range of applications in industry, transport and the energy sector.

- This project creates an excellent opportunity for companies to start or accelerate their hydrogen-related business. Globally, the business is estimated to be hundreds of billions by 2030. Finland’s export potential in electrolysis technology is significant, says Antti Arasto, who leads hydrogen research at VTT.

Electrolysis is the fastest-growing solution for the production of clean hydrogen

The FinH2 research project provides Finnish companies with information and experience on the suitability of their products for hydrogen production and hydrogen business. Companies can produce and utilise clean hydrogen, manufacture electrolyser systems, materials and components, and offer services to other companies.

- There are already many companies in Finland whose products are suitable for hydrogen business, and there is certainly demand for them around the world as well. In addition, the aim is to accelerate the domestic production of entire systems, says VTT’s Project manager Olli Himanen.

One of the focus areas of the FinH2 project is to design and build a PEM electrolysis system for sector-coupling, to produce hydrogen efficiently, utilise waste heat and  improve the profitability of hydrogen production. By piloting the system alongside the Helen power plant, the project gains practical experience in the industrial applications of hydrogen technology.

As the market grows, the growth of PEM electrolysers may be limited by the availability and cost of precious metals required for the devices. The project is developing a new type of catalyst solution for this crucial issue.
The project is also developing alkaline electrolysis to improve its efficiency and reduce its costs with new solutions, such as raising the operating temperature and voltage.

Three-year FinH2 research project funded by Business Finland, companies and research partners for EUR 3.7 million is creating radical technological innovations in electrolysis technology.

Project partners:
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, LUT University, Aalto University, ABB Oy, Beneq Oy, Flexens Oy Ab, Fortum Power and Heat Oy, Haminan Energia Oy, Helen Oy, Kemira Oyj, Neste Oyj, P2X Solutions Oy, Seldeon Oy, SH-Teksor Oy, Sulzer Pumps Finland Oy, Turku Energia Oy, Vahterus Oy, Valmet Oyj, Wärtsilä Finland Oy, YTM-Industrial Oy

Antti Arasto
Antti Arasto
Olli Himanen
Olli Himanen
Research Team Leader
Our vision beyond 2030

Green hydrogen can be used for emission-free storage and carrier of energy. It offers possibilities to shift to the global use and recycling of clean energy.