Energy 4.0 Digital Transformation Technology exhibition and conference



Companies interested in energy come together to the Energy 4.0 exhibition and conference on 27-29 October. The event will address a wide variety of topics related to sustainable energy.

This online event is highly interactive, as it features virtual booths and presentations that are accessed using avatars. By visiting VTT booth you'll have a chance to Win a Scientist for a Day!

Come and visit the VTT booth and learn how we can help you with:

  • Generation of power, heat and cold
  • Energy systems (transmission, distribution, storage, consumers) 
  • Industry (P2X, sector coupling, electrification, energy efficiency)
  • Digitalisation (cybersecurity, AR/VR, robotics, smart factory)

VTT experts are present at the following Energy Virtual Arena sessions:

27th October at 17:10 EEST

  • Panel discussion: ”Accelerating to a digital future: re-shaping the energy industry”​
  • VTT panelist: Tuula Ruokonen, Co-Creation Manager

27th October at 20:00 EEST

  • Key note: ”How to see into the future of energy systems”
  • Antti Arasto, Vice President, Industrial energy and hydrogen 

29th October at 18:10 EEST

Interview: Dr. Ville Tulkki - Lead small modular reactors - by  Chairman Geoffrey Cann

Matti Paljakka
Matti Paljakka
Solution Sales Lead, Nuclear Energy
Our vision beyond 2030

The efficient utilisation of renewable and carbon-neutral energy in industry, transport, and construction holds a key position in solving climate issues.