Customer impact study 2023: VTT significantly strengthened its customers' competencies


The results of VTT's 2023 customer impact survey (ASVA) showed that VTT is excellently able to respond to the most frequently mentioned expectation of its customers in the survey: strengthening the organizations' own knowledge base and expertise. 76% of the survey respondents aimed to strengthen their knowledge base and skills, and 97% of them achieved this goal.

Respondents of the study were VTT’s customers of commercial projects and jointly funded projects, and there were respondents from all of VTT's Business Areas and from all company sizes. The target group of the study were projects that have ended at least one year and at most two years before the survey was carried out.

VTT is chosen as a partner because of its high-level expertise and good quality research environments

In the survey, the overall rating given to VTT still improved slightly, although it was already very good (4.2 -> 4.3). Clients felt that the results of the projects provided value for money, with more than 90% reporting that the project results met the objectives.

High-level and wide-ranging expertise was the most frequently mentioned reason for choosing VTT as a partner. Previous experiences with VTT and VTT's research equipment and environments were also mentioned several times as the most important reasons for choosing VTT as a partner.

VTT's customer projects aim to renew the business, for example by utilizing new technologies, processes and business models.

The benefits from cooperation with VTT were even wider than expected

The intended benefits were achieved in 81% of the projects. The most frequently mentioned expectation for cooperation projects was the strengthening of the organizations' own knowledge base and competence: 76% of the respondents aimed for this and 97% of them achieved this goal. According to the survey, VTT has been able to deliver even more extensive benefits to its customers than expected: these benefits are i.e. new operational possibilities and the speeding up of the product development process.

VTT was also perceived as a sustainable operator. Almost all respondents to the survey (94%) are of the opinion that research ethics were implemented well or excellently in the project. 

Marko Koistila
Marko Koistila
Executive Vice President