Changes planned to the research agenda in VTT’s Digital technologies business area

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VTT has a special task to help society to develop and businesses to grow through science-based innovations. In many sectors, the operating environment is changing at an unprecedented rate, which requires from VTT strong investments in strategic areas of expertise. VTT aims for growth in these areas already next year.

The speed of development of digital technologies in particular emphasises the research organisations’ ability to respond to changing research needs. Therefore, the VTT organisation has identified needs to change and give up part of the research offering and move the focus more strongly on research that strengthens VTT's pioneering role and offers added value to customers.  

Possible changes to be made in the VTT Digital technologies business area will be planned in cooperation negotiations. The negotiations will take at least six weeks. The first negotiation session will be held on 6 October 2021. The negotiations concern 117 people. As plans are being made to redirect research to partly different customer needs in the future, the termination of the employment relationship is estimated to concern a maximum of 50 persons. 

“It is important for us to keep on the pulse of our operating environment and to ensure sufficient competence for future innovation needs of society and companies. The objective of VTT is not to reduce operations but to invest in planned growth areas. To succeed also in European projects, VTT needs, among other things, capacity to invest more and more in safety-critical technologies, such as AI applications, cyber security and secure communication technology. Our aim is to strengthen cooperation with leading customers in Europe,” says Sauli Eloranta, Vice President of the research area.  

VTT's research, development and innovation activities are divided into three business areas: Carbon neutral solutions, Sustainable products and materials and Digital technologies. VTT has more than 2,100 employees. VTT turns major global challenges into sustainable growth for companies and society through science and technology.  

Sauli Eloranta
Sauli Eloranta
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