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​VTT's research benefits business, people and society. We communicate our research results and impacts regularly. We would be happy to help you to find an answer or specialist from VTT if you need reliable information as fast as possible.

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Leena Rantasalo
Leena Rantasalo
Communications Lead

Media relations related to VTT, VTT's management & strategy, responsibility.

Media inquiries related to VTT's research

VTT communications Paula Bergqvist
Paula Bergqvist
Senior Specialist, External Communications, Solutions for Natural Resources and Environment

Media contacts related to VTT Solution for natural resources and environment business area (such as bioeconomy, circular economy,  resource sufficiency, biomaterials replacing fossil-based ones, food solutions, package solutions)  

VTT communications Ulla Henttonen
Ulla-Stina Henttonen
Communications Manager, Knowledge Intensive Products and Services

Media contacts on knowledge-intensive products and services, incl. space, health tech, AI, 5G, quantum, printed intelligence, measuring technologies, microelectronics.

VTT communications Liisa Hertz
Liisa Hertz
Communications Manager, Smart Industry and Energy Systems

Media contacts on energy, traffic, industrial renewal, autonomous systems.

VTT communications Kirsi Jaatinen
Kirsi Jaatinen
Senior Specialist, Communications

Media contacts on our deep tech incubator VTT LaunchPad (including the incubator teams), wellbeing, employer image / employer branding, Future work at VTT -program.

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Images of VTT's technologies, equipment and premises as well as  VTT's Leadership Team can be found in our image bank.

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