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Covering topics such as hydrogen, nuclear, carbon-neutral and flexible energy systems, smart grids, energy integration, bioenergy and wind.
Covering topics such as renewable materials, circular economy, recovery of materials from challenging secondary streams, super-performing materials, synthetic biology, plastic replacement, chemicals, biomaterials, advanced structural materials, substitution of critical raw materials, digital material design, materials performance.
Covering topics such as carbon-neutral process industry, sustainable manufacturing, superior digital systems, quantum technology, flexible production systems, autonomous systems, value creation, outcome economy, smart manufacturing, IoT solutions, cybersecurity, metrology and space technologies.
Covering topics such as sustainable and smart-built environment, low-carbon and smart mobility, transport, energy efficient buildings and districts, smart heating energy grids, water management and infrastructure solutions.
Covering topics such as sustainable food systems, personalised health and wellness, safe and secured society's functions, wearables, diagnostics and medical devices.
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