Innovation ecosystems – a meeting place for research and the business sector

Innovation ecosystems provide an efficient infrastructure for tackling increasingly complex future challenges that require more and more multifaceted and interdisciplinary expertise.

In future solutions, parties will co-operate with the aim of overhauling entire systems.

Innovation ecosystems enable a wide range of actors, including universities, universities of applied sciences, research institutions, and businesses, to engage in the goal-oriented development of these kinds of new, sustainable and systemic solutions, which also generates new business. The co-development of innovation ecosystems with partners and customers is at the core of VTT’s operations.

VTT’s role as an engine for innovation ecosystems comes naturally based on its impartiality, technological excellence and high-quality research infrastructures. After all, the innovation ecosystems are built on effective, high-quality research as well as development-based and pilot environments.

We are actively involved in international innovation ecosystems based on top-level expertise. Such ecosystems include smart energy (Smart Otaniemi), autonomous systems (RAAS), Food economy 4.0, synthetic biology (Synbio Powerhouse), smart bioproducts (Circular bioeconomy), smart health, smart industry (Industry beyond 4.0), electronics (PrintoCent and Micronova), and the ecosystem for the circular economy.

Significant business-led partnership networks have already emerged around the innovation ecosystems, which are striving to turn research findings and innovations into international business in close cooperation with researchers.