Discover the smartest paths to sustainable urban futures

Are you trying to figure out how to reach sustainability goals or how to plan and build smart and sustainable urban environments? We know it is not an easy task in a rapidly changing environment with multiple stakeholders involved. VTT CityTune® is a machine-assisted decision-making service developed for that exact challenge.

VTT CityTune® helps you and your partners to manage uncertainties and evaluate the risks and impacts of short- and long-term decisions. By using VTT CityTune® you can also develop your services to better meet your customer needs in forecasting the future and planning for complex urban environments.

VTT CityTune® uses system dynamic modelling, simulations combining data, analytics and qualitative methods as well as societal embedding, which enables you to:

  • Make holistic and educated strategic decisions
  • Define key factors and disclose the invisible in envisioning future scenarios or planning for desirable futures
  • Maximise the impact and minimise the risks of long- and short term decisions
  • Drive growth and differentiate with new services that visualise what-if simulations, sensitivity analysis, complex systems and mental models
Traditionally city decision-making is focused on short-term, sectorial factors and regulations. System dynamics brings holistic view, defines leverage points for reaching targets and goes beyond traditional silos. Combining data and tacit knowledge is very powerful approach for decision-making.
Päivi Sutinen, PhD, EMBA, Director for City as a Service Development, City of Espoo, Mayor’s Office

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Turn cities into smart reality

How do we make sure the most impactful decision is made when planning a smart city?

Here is how we can help you on your path to a smart city: VTT CityTune®

Cities can manage risks and allocate funds more efficiently with the VTT CityTune® model. This smart city planning tool and analytical approach is used to forecast likely effects of major decisions, be it planning choices in new areas, prioritisation of public services or maximizing the impact of smart city investments.

The modelling approach is very good, it allowed detailed models and you can do a lot of things with it. Our system was very complicated. After analyzing 36 different scenarios, we found comparing the alternatives to be very useful for planning the energy system.
Nicolas Pardo Garcia, Science & Project Manager in Austrian Institute of Technology