Personalised health and wellness

Heart rate monitors and smart watches are just the beginning. What if, in addition to your pulse, your smart device were able to tell you the right time to take a sip of your sports drink so that you could ride your bicycle longer?

Wearable electronics and rapid diagnostics have huge business potential.
Jussi Paakkari

Soon we will be able to get information that is more precise and more in real time than ever before on how a sports performance, a dinner, or sleep affects the body – and makes our habits healthier without the need to see a doctor.

In 2030 we will have given rise to technologies in Finland that help people make the right fact-supported decisions on wellbeing at the right time. Decision-making is easy with the help of automatic artificial intelligence algorithms. This has opened new business opportunities for Finnish health tech growth companies, and great savings in costs have been achieved in health care.

Our approach

At VTT we are developing measurement technologies to promote growth in the wellbeing of the public. With their help we can serve the personal needs of wellbeing, assist the health care system to move in the direction of treatment that prevents diseases, and to evaluate the economic impacts of different technological solutions.

These are the cornerstones of our approach: 

  • The sensor technologies, printed electronics, and algorithm-based data analytics that we have developed help collect and utilise information in a user-friendly, transparent, and cost-effective manner.

  • We are developing Proof of Concept models and product prototypes for pilot production, whose purpose is to demonstrate the reliability and readiness of new technologies for mass production.

  • We help our partners improve the quality of technologies and the efficiency of their production and production chains.

  • We support decision-making and needs of clinical health care, and we improve readiness to respond to future public health challenges.