Hand inserting plastic bottle into recycling bin

Circular plastics

There is nothing wrong with plastics as a material, but everything is wrong about how we handle plastics after use.

The good news is we can still continue to use plastics. We just need to rethink the way we do it. 

By establishing a circular economy of plastics we will be able to enjoy the many benefits of plastic materials and protect the environment at the same time.
Holger Pöhler

By 2030 all plastic packaging will be reusable or can be recycled in a cost effective manner. We must abandon the ”make-use-dispose” approach. A circular economy of plastics means we can keep the benefits and continue to use plastics in a sustainable way.

Our approach

VTT offers solutions for the whole value chain in a circular economy of plastics. VTT can help plastics producers to redesign their materials to enable circularity, recyclers to develop their technologies to increase recycling rates and improve recyclate quality, and brand owners to provide new and sustainable offerings.

These are the cornerstones of our approach:

Ecodesign: Develop reuse opportunities for plastics applications. Redesign or replace plastics that are difficult to recycle.

Sorting and mechanical recycling: Improve recyclate quality and increase recycle rates with intelligent sorting and recycling.

Reduce fossil feedstock: Develop renewable bio- and CO2-based polymers without competing with the food manufacturing chain.

Chemical Recycling: Develop robust thermochemical recycling and depolymerization technologies towards producing monomers and oligomers.