Two senior persons are in a forest and one person is adjusting the hood of the other person

Citizen-centric care

Do you want to live long or do you want to live a good life? Or do you want to have both?

Aging populations put healthcare systems to the test. With new technology we can make the new era of healthcare happen. 

In the future, no one will need to die from lifestyle diseases.
Mark van Gils

Affordable and high-quality care with a human face will be globally available with health technology innovation. Health maintenance, care and risk assessment will become proactive and personalized thanks to a wealth of actionable health, wellness and daily-living information. 

Our approach

By 2030 we will be able to detect an increased and action requiring personal risk for at least one major lifestyle disease one year earlier than is currently possible. This requires developing of novel sensor techniques and advanced data analytics, for which VTT has the required excellence.

These are the cornerstones of our approach: 

Preventive health care by measuring and interacting with citizens and providing tools and mindset to make the right lifestyle choices.

Guarantee relevance and uptake in practice by strong continuous multi-disciplinary co-operation. 

Personalised diagnostics and care by increasing knowledge on disease mechanisms with AI and other technologies.

Optimizing healthcare processes when resource-limited healthcare systems struggle with the ever increasing amount of people who need care.