Smart and sustainable built environment

With energy-efficient built environment future living will be carbon-free.

More than half of the world population live in cities. Cities are active players and pioneers in the shift to a carbon neutral society.
Tuula Mäkinen, Lead, Green Electrification

Traditional solutions for construction and the built environment are no longer enough as we aim at carbon neutrality and resource efficiency. We are moving in the direction of a flexible, energy-efficient, and smart built environment. With its help, future living will be carbon-free, and people will be able to live better lives.

The solutions are already within reach. In 2030 we will have enabled the construction of energy-positive urban districts and living environments based on circular economy. Residential areas will offer services that benefit people in their everyday lives, while promoting well-being.

Our approach

We create solutions for the sustainable and smart design, renovation and repair construction, use, and maintenance of buildings, infrastructure, and cities. We will assist in the making of decisions and choices in urban planning that will benefit future generations.

These are the cornerstones of our approach: 

  • We are developing new concepts and materials for sustainable new construction and renovation building.

  • We help develop digital solutions for the entire life cycle of built environments from planning and construction to the use and demolition stages. We also offer support in decision-making related to these phases.

  • We enable the construction of energy-efficient buildings and energy positive residential areas without compromising on comfort of the buildings and living environments.

  • Together with our partners we create development platforms for sustainable and smart urban solutions.