Hydrogen for future society

Green hydrogen can be used for emission-free storage and carrier of energy. It offers possibilities to shift to the global use and recycling of clean energy.

Best of all, most of the matter in the universe is hydrogen – it will not run out. By commercialising hydrogen, we can respond efficiently to the growing need for clean energy and possibly replace fossil fuels permanently.

In 2030 technologies based on the production of hydrogen will be used widely for storing  energy and  producing heat and carbon-neutral synthetic hydrocarbons. As a result of this, the use of fossil fuels in industry and in transport will fall dramatically. Finland will gain skills and knowledge, as well as products that help Finnish companies succeed on a rapidly growing global market. Finland's carbon handprint will also grow significantly.

Our approach

We are helping Finland reach its emission targets by reducing the greenhouse gas emissions produced by the energy system with the help of technology based on hydrogen. We are advancing the emergence of export products based on Finnish skills and knowledge. Together with our  partners we are implementing effective pilot projects that are leading to the commercialisation of hydrogen-based innovations.

These are the cornerstones of our approach:

  • We are developing industrial-scale technologies and solutions related to the carbon value change that are more environmentally friendly, more efficient, and more economical.

  • We are developing hydrogen-based electric fuels, chemicals, and materials that support an energy shift.

  • In transport we are moving toward low-carbon biological and electric fuels and motor systems. Meanwhile, we are helping develop their emission management techniques and production materials.

  • We are helping the energy industry, transport, and the built environment to make profitable use of solutions based on the production, purification, and re-use of hydrogen.

  • We are utilising nuclear energy in the production of hydrogen-based energy on both the local and national scale.