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Come and build the future at VTT!

Would you like to be involved in discovering something new and finding solutions to the biggest global challenges of our time? Are you fascinated by applied research, science and technology? Come and build the future at VTT!

Open positions

The VTT team

No two employees are the same. We need people who can think on their feet and solve problems quickly, people who know science and research inside out and people who are not afraid to challenge old ways of thinking. Many of our younger experts understand both business and innovation, but we also value employees who are passionate about research as well as foreign scientists who want to make the Finnish research community their home.

In addition to researchers, we employ a large pool of experienced marketing, sales, communication, human resources, IT, business and financial administration professionals, and we are always looking out for rising stars.

What unites us are inquisitiveness, a love of learning and a devotion to finding answers to our customers’ needs and solutions to global challenges. If you are interested in a career at VTT, read more about working at VTT or check out our vacancies and traineeships. Find out about our recruitment process here.

Career stories

Research Scientist Vafa Järnefelt: The great thing about VTT is that it is impossible to get bored here

A little over a year and a half ago Vafa Järnefelt was about to graduate as Master of Environmental Sciences and dreaming about a job, where she would have a chance to do research on environmental affairs and apply the research in practice. Her colleagues at Finpro at the time recommended VTT, which in their opinion appeared well suited for Vafa.

A photo of VTT's research scientist Vafa Järnefelt.

Research Scientiest Petri Tikka: Work at VTT increases intellectual capital

Research Scientist Petri Tikka started his career at VTT as a thesis worker in the Production and Machine Systems in 2015. His scope of work has been versatile: within four years, Petri has had a chance to work with such matters as requirement-based mechanical engineering, remote-controlled fusion reactor systems, and social, mobile and industrial robotics.

A photo of VTT's research scientist Petri Tikka and the Pepper robot.

Our culture

We let you think big. We want to solve the world’s most fiendish challenges and transform business with the help of science and technology. That is why we are looking for people who are curious and always wanting to learn and create something new together. We want you to challenge yourself, your colleagues and our customers to think outside the box – beyond the obvious. 

We support you on your career path and invest in your well-being. We want to be a great employer and offer our people flexibility. For more information, see Working at VTT.


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Studies show that young technology professionals consider VTT to be one of the most attractive employers in Finland. We hire dozens of students to work for us as trainees or to write their dissertation every year. Find out more about the opportunities we offer to students.