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Looking to join VTT as a trainee or a thesis worker?

We involve students in our work to tackle global challenges together with our experts. We offer high-level support and a real chance to improve your scientific competence. Every year, we employ dozens of students from a variety of fields, and not in just science and technology. Many people who started out as trainees are now research scientists here.

What could be a better opportunity for a student than to join a cutting-edge expert organisation dealing with global problems? We can make it happen. As a trainee, you will receive high-level support from our experts and will be at the cutting edge of scientific know-how. We will allow you to network with other students and experts, to have discussions and to create new things with hundreds of other experts. We employ students from other fields too, such as communications and marketing, HR and finance.

At VTT, you will be allowed to think boldly, to explore new solutions and to improve your competence. Many people who started out as trainees are now research scientists here.

Dozens of students in various fields work at VTT each year as fixed-term trainees or thesis workers. The traineeships and employment relationships vary in length from a few months to one year. We announce traineeships on our Vacancies page.

VTT Summer of Changemakers

We offer over 30 interesting and multidisciplinary jobs for students and graduates annually. For VTT Summer of Changemakers 2021 the application period is closed. Please follow our open positions for becoming possible student opportunities.

Student thesis

As a thesis worker, you will be writing your student thesis as part of a VTT project. You will have an important role in contributing to the success of the project. If you are nearing the end of your studies, this may be your chance to get a foot in the door in a research project at a cutting-edge expert organisation! If you cannot find a suitable position among our vacancies, you may submit an open application. We continuously review open applications and contact those applicants with whom we wish to continue the recruitment process.

Research training

As a research trainee, you will have a job profile very similar to that of a recently graduated research scientist. You will become acquainted with a research scientist’s work, receive high-level support and have the opportunity to improve your scientific competence. Our research trainees work on hourly contracts alongside their studies or full time if at the end of their studies, combining the project work with writing their final paper.

Practical training

You may also complete the practical training required for your studies with us. Our practical trainees are mostly students at universities of applied sciences who have independent funding. As a practical trainee, you will be introduced to R&D work and learn new things.

What could be a better opportunity for a student than to join a cutting-edge expert organisation dealing with global problems? VTT can make it happen.

Other internships

VTT is about much more than just high-end research. We have a constant need for talent from various sectors in society. In addition to research trainees, we have trainees in communications, finance, HR, and so on. All our traineeships provide the opportunity to work at the cutting edge of technology and to do work that is significant even on a global scale.

VTT Young Professionals

VTT Young Professionals is a network established by young professionals at VTT. It brings together young employees at our various sites and allows members to meet new people through various events and projects. VTT Young Professionals organises a range of activities, from foreign excursions to business visits. It also contributes actively to the revitalisation and development of VTT.

VTT is a founding member of the Young European Associated Researchers network (YEAR). YEAR organises various events and courses around Europe.