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Cleanroom facility for microelectronics - Micronova



VTT is the provider of a world-class cleanroom facility – Micronova in Espoo, Finland. The 2 600 m² Micronova R&D cleanroom is fully equipped for the fabrication of silicon, glass and thin film-based microsystems. In the clean room facilities and their laboratory satellites, every imaginable type of microsystem is developed to meet customer objectives by modular optics utilising the heterogeneous integration of passive devices, versatile and economical printing techniques, multidisciplinary backgrounds in biosciences, and the quantum-level control of interaction between materials.

VTT offers research and development into new processes and components which are seamlessly integrated with the production service for customers, including the leasing of process equipment and cleanroom space. VTT's unique feature is its mastery of the whole chain of evolution of a new product, from fundamental research and process development to prototyping and small-scale production. Substrates from single chips up to 200 mm wafers can be processed.

VTT's Micronova Cleanroom holds the ISO 9001:2008 certification for fabrication, small-volume production and facility maintenance. The main expertise of VTT Cleanroom Operations includes maintenance and safety of this advanced facility, the repair and installation of process and measurement equipment, and silicon processing by highly specialised operators.


​​​MEMS & PiezoMEMS sensors

VTT has explored the Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems (MEMS) based sensor technologies and since early 1990's being in the forefront of adoption new manufacturing technologies with its customers and collaborators.

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VTT offers graphene processing services, CMOS integration and readout design for graphene based sensors. Our portfolio includes wafer-scale CVD graphene and solution processed large area printed materials.

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