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Miniature short-range millimetre wave radars for short-range sensing


VTT offers miniature radars for short-range sensing applications. Radars are well suited for applications in environmental sensing such as distance, speed and angle of arrival measurements. With suitable algorithms, imaging and object tracking can also be performed.

Compact radar units can be packaged to withstand severe ambient conditions and also be powered from a battery or USB port for portable applications. Millimetre wave radar has several advantages over traditional sensor technologies. It can see in the dark and through rain, snow, fog or dust. High frequencies enable small-size high-gain antennas and large signal bandwidths.

Typical application areas for short-range radars include presence sensing for building security and monitoring as well as for smart lighting,collision avoidance for autonomous vehicles, industrial fluid level measurements, indoor and outdoor surveillance and monitoring, emergency systems in challenging environments, robotic navigation, people counting, etc.


Operational frequency: 24 GHz

Range: 0-40 m

Resolution: 0.5 m

Frame rate: 30 Hz