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Smart Cities


Smart City

Easy Living and wellbeing in regenerative cities

Technology trends converging now in cities are forcing leaders to sit up together with citizens and rethink the future. Their challenge is to mastermind a transformation that optimizes current infrastructure with new possibilities in ways that maximize resources and quality of life. And they must work together at cross-sector tables.
Everything must be localized and designed with safety, security and quality of life for people at the forefront. Success comes through an integrated approach to planning smart buildings, infrastructure, energy systems, and mobility solutions.

​The uncertainties are many but cities are compelled to move forward because they must be smart to stay attractive to people and industry investment.

​Your smart city partner - from vision to realization

We offer multidisciplinary and in-depth scientific, technological and business expertise for the benefit of to our customers and the whole society. We can help you research, test, implement and follow up on all areas of smart city development.

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The optimisation process and system solution seeking give us inspiration and new knowledge. We shall take advantage of this new knowledge based on VTT developments, in our future district and building products.

Toni Tuomola, Yksikönjohtaja, Skanska Talonrakennus Oy​


From start to finish of the project we had regular and constructive discussions and the VTT team was very responsive. Furthermore, we were impressed by the enthusiasm and commitment as well as the profound expertise of each team member which enabled them to come up with convincing solutions.

Dr. Martin Siegel, Head of Technology Experts & Scouting, Zumtobel Group

Smart built environment

We help construction companies and cities design and develop resilient and adaptive buildings with advanced technologies and cost-efficient low-carbon solutions.

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Sustainable energy and fuels »

Our biofuels solutions are in use around the world. Our focus is on sustainable non-food materials like cane stalks, forest residues, straw and other lignocellulosic raw materials.

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​​Smart energy »

We enable energy providers to create, and cities to utilise, innovative solutions for clean and renewable energy that increase flexibility and security of supply.

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​​Smart governance »

We help cities become more agile and proactive in realising their unique smart city vision, while maximising the impacts of smart development initiatives.

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​​​Smart lighting »

We help our customers to integrate lighting and ICT technologies for new, cost-effective functionality and thus help lighting industry clients make the leap to connected lighting.  

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​​​​Smart mobility »

We help transport service providers as well as cities develop efficient mobility networks based on electricity, biofuels and advanced technologies as well as shared resources.


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