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5G Test Network Finland


​The general goal of 5G Test Network Finland (5GTNF) is to fill the gap between laboratory-based 5G and beyond testing environments and commercial network deployments, offer trialing support and tailored infrastructure configurations for telecom and vertical industries and scientific community and strengthen Finnish ecosystem position in beyond 5G R&D and utilization of 5G and AI.

5GTNF is a joint effort from industry, academia and Finnish government.

The 5GTNF approach is based on the strong regeneration focus and interdisciplinary competencies. The focus is on 5G and beyond communication concepts, development towards smart networks and 6G, utilization of AI in radio resource and network management and vertical use case implementations utilizing 5G and beyond telecom, AI and cyber security concepts.

Interdisciplinary approach is achieved by co-operation between telecom and vertical area technology and business experts, utilization of AI, design of the mobile network operator for research and review of potential new business models.

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