5G and future networks


5G technology will significantly accelerate data transfer and open up opportunities for new digital products and services in areas such as security, energy efficiency, transport and housing.

VTT is an innovation partner for developing world-class communication network solutions for the vertical industry domain. We do research and development for communication networks and our strengths lie in vertical industry understanding. The vertical industry areas such as automotive, manufacturing, health and wellbeing, energy, transport, public safety, critical infrastructures and smart cities, will benefit from the new communication technologies, through enhanced reliability, performance and energy consumption.  

By utilizing the latest communication technology solutions, companies can ensure the undisrupted operation of telecommunication networks and improve the reliability of their systems. This allows service providers to ensure that the end-user experience is smooth and of high quality. 

The exponential growth in the amount of data transferred over telecommunications networks and in the number of network components, as well as the system softwarization and virtualization, poses challenges for network design and management.  Network resource sufficiency is one of our central themes.

We focus on intelligent network management solutions, measuring quality of service and utilizing big data for network management. End to end optimization of network resources, improving the quality of service for different vertical use case and enabling secure and trusted communication are our main research and development targets. 

Our research includes also future network architecture, concept and technology development towards 6G systems, analytical and simulation-based network and protocol modelling, and practical implementation of proof-of-concept and pre-commercial prototypes, covering the communication systems from radio technologies to core networks, Internet protocols and application and service protocols.  

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