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Gasification of biomass and waste

Converting biomass into a gaseous intermediate


Gasification offers possibilities to produce second generation liquid biofuels in a sustainable manner from indigenous and renewable sources.

Through gasification, biomass can be converted into a gaseous intermediate which allows for clean and high-efficiency production of a wide range of end-products including chemicals, transportation fuels, power and heat. 

From research to industrial success

A major part of our activities is related to process development work, which we are able to carry out at laboratory- and pilot-scales with our unique test facilities and world-class expertise. In co-operation with our clients and industrial partners, we are also involved in several European demonstration and commercial projects. In addition, we perform techno-economic feasibility studies with a variety of gasification processes and applications.

World-class knowhow and unique facilities

VTT´s Bioruukki pilot plants offers world class platform for new technology development, piloting and demonstration.

Our test facilities range from laboratory-scale reactors to bench-scale testing units and pilot-scale process development plants. VTT´s gasification measurement and analysis services support process development work.
From the early 1980s to the present, we have been involved in several European gasification projects aiming to develop and demonstrate gasification processes on a commercial scale. We have been working together with leading biomass gasification technology suppliers, energy and forest companies.

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​​Forest biomass to liquid transportation fuels


Customer: NSE Biofuels Oy (Neste Oil Oyj & Stora Enso Oyj)

Challenge: Convert forest biomass into liquid (BtL) transportation fuels

Solution: VTT carried out R&D activities in the area of gasification, gas filtration and the reforming of tars and hydrocarbon gases. We also brought our significant expertise in gasification and gas cleaning to bear

Key benefits:

  • Added value to the overall process concept
  • Closing in on a replacement for fossil transportation fuels


Gasification-based waste-to-energy power plant


Customer: Lahti Energia Oy

Challenge: Convert solid recovered fuel (SRF) to energy by means of advanced gasification technology

Solution: VTT has researched and developed gasification together with Lahti Energia. With VTT’s support the company is able to convert 250,000 metric tons of SRF to electricity and heat on an annual basis, generating 50 MW of electricity and 90 MW of heat

Key benefits:

  • High electricity production efficiency and overall efficiency (power and heat)
  • Significant reduction of fossil fuel use and net CO2 emissions