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Waste management and concept design


Waste management and concept design includes mapping and characterization of current streams, followed by concept design for new smart methods of reuse or disposal; the goal is in lowered landfill or disposal costs, better material efficiency, and as a given, compliance. 

The regulation is getting tighter for organic and other wastes, and companies and municipalities need to adjust. Being smart does not always cost more, and may even bring savings. Your waste may be someone else’s raw material.

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Tailored processes for your waste

VTT characterises your or your clients’ wastes and sidestreams with experience. We help you develop a cost-efficient and safe concept for the management of the material with a strong emphasis on the valorisation aspect, utilising mechanical, chemical and biological methods. We use in-house modelling and LCA tools and expertise so as to ensure sustainable management.

We take into account current and common EU trends and legislation and also possible factors relating to the production process behind the waste generation.

For waste and sidestream valorisation, we specialise in the separation of valuables, such as high tech metals and biocomponents, not forgetting disposal solutions for the remaining residuals.

Our special expertise competence here lies in the valorisation of mining and metallurgical wastes, ashes, electronic wastes, C and D and sidestreams generated in bioindustries. We have gained competence, for example, in international projects (the EU, etc.) which also gives us an extensive research network to source from. 

Our resources

Our research infra include a multitude of laboratory and pilot-scale equipment for processing a wide range of solid and liquid materials: leaching columns, fractionation, e.g. flotation, (bio) hydrometallurgy, hydrothermal carbonisation, biogas production, dewatering and filtration. Technology development is supported by system-, process- and reaction-level modelling, sustainability assessment, (social-economic-environmental) and material flow analysis. 

Our relevant international networks are the Euopean Innovation platforms (EIP) for Raw materials and water, the European Water Technology platform, WssTP and Sustainable process industries SPIRE. We are also participating in the BREF–MineWaste group and the European expert group for Dangerous substances in construction products. 

We support both the material recycling and water technology industry as well as material- and water-intensve industries who are seeking solutions for their waste streams, primarily the mineral and metal sector, manufacturing industry and bioindustries including food.