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Environment-friendly disposables

We are focused on renewable fibre creation and recycling

​Processes to produce non-woven structures from sustainable materials are being developed, and are currently available at VTT: the burden that single use entails can be reduced by shifting towards renewable and biodegradable raw materials and resource-efficient processes.

Textiles made from recycled materials that can be used once again for their original or alternative uses may support brand value and reduce waste.

If you need solutions, turn to VTT. We’re focused on renewable fibre creation and recycling.

Novel nonwoven products from renewable and biodegradable materials using resource-efficient processes

In the production of nonwovens, renewable and biodegradable raw materials may be preferred. Recycled materials, for example pre-treated recycled textiles, can be utilized too.

VTT competences cover resource-efficient processes for nonwoven structures both at laboratory- and pilot-scale, e.g. foam forming technology in which a smaller water-fibre ratio leads to reduced water consumption (and less waste-water) and improved drying (less heat energy) compared to conventional techniques. The technical properties of the nonwoven products can be tailored, for example, using multilayer-structures. The surface properties can be functionalized with various technologies, e.g. plasma treatment (see detailed in Functional textiles).

Testing the material handling concepts, recycling technologies and technical properties of the products

Besides developing and demonstrating new environment-friendly nonwovens and resource-efficient production technologies, VTT is able to develop material handling concepts and recycling technologies for textiles. Testing the materials developed at both laboratory- and pilot-scale, and characterizing the major technical properties of textiles with standard (and own) test methods. VTT has contacts with different organizations that contribute to the textile recycling and utilization in Europe, and related associations as well as with other service providers. VTT also has co-operation in national TEXJÄTE project, and with project that aims to increase reuse and recycling of textiles in the Nordic region.

VTT has IPR background related to some of the technologies. For more detailed information, please contact the persons below.