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VTT and University of Oulu build Finland’s first 5G test network


Together with their industrial partners, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and the University of Oulu are building a 5G test network in which critical new technologies can be developed. The test network will also enable the testing of the performance of new technologies in a realistic environment.

5G will be the next big step in wireless communications – it will offer multimedia and cloud services of very high quality, enable the future internet of things (IoT), and reduce material and energy consumption. The test network will strengthen Finland's position at the cutting edge of international 5G development.

The test network in Oulu will consist of two parts: a restricted network on VTT's premises and a public network at the university. In the restricted network, companies can test the functionality of their technologies, while in the public network solutions such as those for the large-scale deployment of user devices can be verified.

The intention is to offer the public part of the network, based on rules yet to be defined, as an open test environment for all willing partners. In addition, the test network will be expanded to cover different parts of the city on a more open basis. In this way, the test network can be used as a platform for developing and testing new applications.

"Within the test network, we are researching and developing new technologies, based on which we will build a full 5G test network environment. This will enable long term co-operation between the actors involved in the wireless communication ecosystem. With the help of this research project, we can retain our leading position in the international development of 5G," states project manager Atso Hekkala of VTT.

"5G will be the next big step in wireless communications. It will form the infrastructure of the traditionally fast-growing wireless multimedia communications, as well as for massive communication between devices. While requiring significant architectural changes and the application of new technologies, 5G must also provide a seamless transition from the current system architecture and technology to the new one," comments Matti Latva-aho of the University of Oulu.

The network structure for 5G supports the use of several transmission technologies and the direct integration of different services with the network. It also supports the needs of the internet of things and the industrial internet. Overall, the new technology will enable very high quality multimedia and cloud applications, as well as allowing the deployment of extremely high density networks.

5G Test Network research project is managed by VTT, and is part of Tekes' new 5thGear technology programme ( The project consortium also consists of the University of Oulu/CWC, Anite Finland, City of Oulu, Elektrobit, Eltel Networks, EXFO, Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority, Haltian, Indalgo, MediaTek, Nokia, Pehutec, Pulse Finland Oy, Sarokal Test Systems, and Yle.

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