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Nordic Smart Cities 2020

19/03/2020 08:30 - 19/03/2020 17:50 Copenhagen, Denmark

​Towards Intelligent, Inclusive & Liveable Cities for Everyone

Nordic Smart Cities 2020 gathers international experts and city leaders to discuss the big questions they face when planning their city of the future - governance, digitalisation, citizen happiness, climate change, health, liveability & more. The event takes place on 19 March in Copenhagen, Denmark.

City leaders need new ways of thinking about planning, designing and building our cities – putting the citizen and liveability at the centre of all future projects. Technology offers an opportunity to change our cities even smarter while embracing their unique context.

The event provides great networking opportunities and a chance to see how others are overcoming the same challenges. The many inspiring speakers at the event provide an opportunity to listen and learn from some of the smartest cities across the globe, as well as understand how they delivered real improvement to the quality of life of their citizens.

Peter Ylén , Principal Scientist at VTT, will have a keynote speech at the event on the following topic: Shaping Future Cities & Prevent Risks with the help of Data, Foresight & Systems Thinking?

  • How to combine data & models to enable diverse stakeholders to make decisions based on data?
  • How to assess the impact & value of planned solutions?


For more information, see the Nordic Smart Cities website:

See you at #NSC2020!