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Manufacturing Performance Days 2017

29/05/2017 10:00 - 31/05/2017 17:30 Tampere Hall, Finland

​Leading Industry Summit that goes Towards outcome economy

Welcome to Manufacturing Performance Days 2017!

VTT is a partner at this executive and visionary industrial renewal summit. The event will bring together manufacturing industries, researchers as well as technology and service providers from all around the world to meet and exchange views in Tampere Hall Finland. In 2017 more than 600 participants are expected to attend.

MPD 2017 will offer views of top class invited speakers from leading industry and academia on different aspects of outcome economy as well as the topical Industrie 4.0 and Industrial Internet as enablers for new efficiency, productivity and business gains.

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Laboratory visit: Smart Machines and Manufacturing Competence Centre

Monday 29th of May, at 13:00-16:00​​

Transportation will be provided for participants from Tampere hall at 12:30. Returning time is approximately at 16:30 to Tampere hall.

​​Smart Machines and Manufacturing Competence Centre (SMACC) is a competence centre formed by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Tampere University of Technology (TUT). SMACC offers unique services for SME`s in the field of machinery and manufacturing – key features are rapid solutions, cutting-edge research expertise and extensive partnership networks. SMACC is also carrying out internationally high-level scientific research related to smart machines and manufacturing.

The laboratory visit introduces unique laboratory facilities and research infrastructures in TUT and VTT for example in additive manufacturing, robotics and remote operation areas.


Seminar: ​Creating the Future Success

Tuesday 30th of May, at 8:30-12:00

In this seminar experts from VTT and Tampere University of Technology will present their vision of the future: What is the roadmap for outcome economy and what are the key factors and the value of WOW effect. We will guide you through the themes of collaboration as drivers for success in digitalization and co-creation of future smart machines and manufacturing with SME's.

You will find out how additive manufacturing fits in the standpoint of outcome economy and what are the benefits and barriers of autonomous systems. Our seminar will draw you clear vision of future's outcome economy and it will state the pieces needed for the change.


​Seminar programme:

8:30  Coffee


9:00  Opening words, Kalle Kantola, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd


9:05  Roadmap for outcome economy , Peter Ylén , VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd

The future key tools in successfully managing uncertainties in complex multi actor systems include foresight, scenario creation and impact assessment with various time horizons. Visualization of different dependencies is essential for productive co-creation as well as stakeholder analysis including value creation structures for each actor in the ecosystem.


9:30  The value of WOW effect, Maaria Nuutinen, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd

Getting customers' attention, differentiation from your rivals, gaining interest towards your new offering and even outstanding outcomes is increasingly difficult.  People are willing to buy some products for double the prize and even feel happy for doing that.  Sometimes there is no need for broad marketing actions, but people queue based on mere promises to be part of something big. This presentation discusses why WOW effect is important and how to make it long-lasting based on UX.


9:55  Collaboration as a driver for success in digitalization, Minna Lanz, Tampere University of Technology

​The inter-firm collaboration is one of the drivers for successful R&D&I. They hard part is to build the consortium in such way that the collaboration can emerge. The presentation will outline the key findings from the research dealing with underlying drivers for successful collaboration and shows examples what can be achieved with collaborative R&D&I project.


10:35  Co-creation of future smart machines and manufacturing with SME's, Kari T. Koskinen, Tampere University of Technology

New technologies like Industrial Internet and intelligent machines require also new more open mindset, where the companies must be ready to share information and open its interfaces. When moving towards outcome economy more co-creative methods, models and platforms are needed. This presentation will present the operation of SMACC (Smart Machines and Manufacturing Competence Centre) as new type of platform for co-creation of SME's.


11:00  Additive manufacturing in the standpoint of outcome economy, Eric Coatanea, Tampere University of Technology

At the center of the outcome economy is the central requirement of being able to MEASURE. Measuring requires enabling functionalities which all implies the existence of models. This is particularly valid for Additive manufacturing providing simultaneously tremendous design freedom but also increasing complexity. How Additive Manufacturing can contribute to the goal of selling measurable results important to the customer? This presentation will present key enablers supporting this objective.


11:25  Towards autonomous systems, Riikka Virkkunen, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd

The outcome economy is heavily based on digitalization, in which the transition towards autonomous system is seen as the next frog leap. The extensive exploitation of automation, robots and AI is happening in all sectors, but contains also risks and challenges, which need to be resolved. The direction is still clear due to the great potential of autonomous systems for example, in manufacturing, transport and healthcare sectors. The presentation highlights some of the benefits and barriers associated to future autonomous systems.


11:50  Summary, Kalle Kantola, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd


12.00  The seminar ends


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