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LOPEC 2018

14/03/2018 09:00 - 15/03/2018 16:00 München, Germany


Imagine if a healthcare professional could monitor the healing of your wound without ever opening the bandages? Or would you be interested in a disposable patch attached to your skin that can automatically perform microcurrent skin treatment at the comfort of your own home? All this is already possible and we are constantly exploring new ways how printed electronics and hybrid manufacturing of integrated smart systems will enhance the future of healthcare research.


LOPEC is the leading trade fair for printed electronics that will be held on 14-15th of March, 2018. We are delighted to invite you to visit our booth 501 ​​! 

The fair encompasses every facet of this emerging technology, covering the entire value chain—from research and development to specific applications—as well as facilitates those essential business contacts.​ 


At the exhibition we are presenting:

  • VTT FlexNode platform of wireless sensors enables new wearable applications that are thin, lightweight, conformal and stretchable
  • VTT StretchNode - Stretchable temperature and humidity sensor platform with wireless communication and flexible battery
  • Microcurrent cosmetic patch that enhances the transfer of cosmetic substances into the skin
  • VTT BioNode electrochemical sensing for wearable applications
  • Flexible RGD LED panel display that can be integrated into surfaces with 3D form factors
  • Lab-on-Chip fully roll-to-roll (R2R) manufactured microfluidic devices with integrated fluid actuation, printed biomolecules and printed electrodes for high-volume, low-cost manufacturing.


Come and see our latest product demonstrators in action, and discuss how we could help your business to take advantage of our groundbreaking technologies for wearable and health industry!

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