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Industrial Biotechnology Business Seminar - Panelists


Christine Hagström-Näsi, CLIC Innovation Oy

Christine Hagström-Näsi is a Senior Advisor to the Board of CLIC Innovation Ltd since September 2015. Before that she was the CEO of the Finnish Bioeconomy Cluster FIBIC Ltd. She holds a Licentiate of Technology degree from Helsinki University of Technology, with wood chemistry as her major subject. She has an extensive experience in bioeconomy related innovation policy issues,  project funding and business development.  Her international experience range from operational project coordination  and evaluation tasks to strategic board positions.


Perttu Koskinen, Neste
Perttu Koskinen is Steering Manager in R&D at Neste Corporation since 2015, a  company pioneer in oil refining and renewable solutions. Perttu has worked at Neste R&D since 2008 as researcher, expert and project manager. He is specialized in industrial biotechnology and has Doctor of Science (Technology) Degree in Environmental Biotechnology from Tampere University of Technology.


Christophe Roos, CSO, Euformatics
Christophe is CSO at Euformatics since 2012, a company developing software tools for high throughput omics data analysis, and in particular for genomic data usage in clinical research and diagnostics. Christophe studied mathematics and chemistry in Helsinki and molecular genetics in Strasbourg. He initiated bioinformatics training at Finnish universities in 1987 and directed research on stem cell development at the university of Helsinki and systems biology at Tampere University of Technology until 2012. Since year 2000 he has been involved in bioinformatics start-up activity in Finland and several large scale EU medical research projects.

Johanna Karimäki, Member of the Finnish Parliament
Johanna Karimäki is a member of Parliament and Grand Committee, Espoo city councelor and a member of Uusimaa regional council. Her education is Master of Science in bioprocessing technology. Earlier, she has been working as a Research Scientist at Helsinki University of Technology studying industrial enzymes. Science and education politics are one of her main interests in Parliament.

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Tarja Teppo, Cleantech invest

Tarja Teppo is the co-founder of Cleantech Invest and has worked in the venture capital are since 1999. Prior to Cleantech Invest starting its own investment activities in 2009 she worked as an advisor for institutional and industrial investors in cleantech related investments since the founding of Cleantech Invest in 2005. She worked at the Environmental Management unit of the Helsinki University of Technology 2002–2005, and prior to that, at the Nokia Group in product development, and as Director of the Nokia Ventures Organization unit in Finland and the US 1997–2002. Ms. Teppo holds M.Sc. (Technology) and D.Sc. (Technology) degrees.


Erja Ämmälahti, Tekes

Erja Ämmälahti is an innovation professional working as a Senior Advisor at Tekes, the Finnish Funding agency for Innovations. She has a strong experience on bioeconomy and the R&D&I project evaluation and management as well as on innovation policy development both nationally and in the EU-context. She holds a PhD in chemistry (1999), at the University of Helsinki.