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Industrial Biomaterials seminar and webinar

01/01/2012 00:00 - 01/01/2012 00:00  


We warmly welcome you to participate in the final seminar / webinar of the Industrial Biomaterials spearhead programme.

The seminar provides an excellent opportunity to experience the latest advances in research, development and applications in the area of industrial biomaterials.

The focus is on the key results of VTT’s Industrial biomaterials spearhead programme on the development of materials and production technologies based on fibres and nanocellulose, as well as biomass-based monomers and polymers. The seminar language will be English.

Join the seminar in Otaniemi in Finland, or choose the presentations you find most interesting and follow them on-line via the web.

The seminar and webinar programme will consist of keynote lectures and presentations, as well as a panel discussion. The presentations will give an overview of the latest advances in research, development and applications in the area of industrial biomaterials.

To join the seminar at the venue, register here by Wed. 8 November.
To join the webinar on-line via an internet connection, register here

The webinar and seminar are free of charge. You only need to register (seminar / webinar) to attend.


Ali Harlin,
Industrial Biomaterials Programme Manager

Seminar and webinar programme
(Helsinki, UTC +2)

11:00 Registration and lunch

12:00 Bioeconomy transformation – VTT´s current and future activities,
Dr. Anne-Christine Ritschkoff, Executive Vice President, VTT Strategic Research

12:15 VTT as your innovation partner, Dr. John Kettle

12:25 Industrial Biomaterials Programme, Dr. Ali Harlin Research professor and Programme manager

12:40 Succes stories from cellulose – Key note Pia Qvintus, Technology Manager
Nanocellulose films: templates for additional functionalities,
Dr. Tekla Tammelin
Filler-nanocellulose composite as a substrate for printed electronics,
Dr. Erkki Hellen
Novel nonwoven materials from biobased and sustainable materials,
Dr. Pirjo Heikkilä

13:50 Lignin – new openings for applications – Key note
Dr. Kristiina Poppius-Levlin,
Innovative green barrier material and adhesives based on lignin,
Dr. Eva-Lena Hult Mori

14:25 Coffee break

15:00 Panel discussion – Bringing novel biomaterials to the markets,
Katja Salmenkivi Pöyry, Lars Gädda FIBIC, Tuomas Mustonen VTT, Ali Harlin VTT.
Moderator Hannu Vornamo

15:30 Towards 100% bio-based packaging – Key note Dr. Mika Vähä-Nissi
 Mouldable and translucent fibre webs for packaging applications -Petri Jetsu
 Biobarriers – challenges and solutions - Jonas Hartman
 Polymers from renewable sources Dr. Jarmo Ropponen

16:40 Bio-based chemicals – Key note Dr. Tiina Nakari-Setälä Vice president,
VTT Business Solutions
Case biochemical platform – Glycolic acid and polyglycolic acid,
Dr. Thomas Gädda

17:15 Closing of the seminar and webinar

17:30 Cocktails and networking