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From materials physics to nanoscale devices - 50 years of research in semiconductor technology

21/08/2014 00:00 - 21/08/2014 00:00  



Chair: Ilkka Suni

13.00 Erkki KM Leppävuori, VTT - Opening of the seminar

13.10 Jouni Heleskivi and Pekka Kuivalainen, Aalto University - Semiconductor Laboratory and Electron Physics Laboratory – a short history

13.40 Tuomo Suntola - Development of two important Finnish innovations- Humicap and ALD

14.00 Markku Tilli, Okmetik - The history of Silicon fabrication in Finland


14.20 Coffee break


Chair: Jyrki Kiihamäki    

15.00 Helena Pohjonen, Nokia - Semiconductors- from mobile devices to internet of things

15.20 Hele Savin, Aalto University - Towards high efficiency silicon solar cells

15.40 Heikki Kuisma, Murata - MEMS-Technology and business: history present status and future

16.00 Simon Deleonibus, CEA-Leti - Micro/Nanoelectronics future: finding New Paths between Lilliputs and Skyscrapers thanks to Cooperation

16.40 Harri Kopola, VTT - Concluding remarks

Coctails and snacks