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Experience organic solar cell printing online through live streaming

25/06/2015 17:00 - 25/06/2015 17:00 ONLINE EVENT

VTT's roll-to-roll printing of solar cells will be broadcast live on-line from VTT's pilot factory. Participate and receive a sample organic solar cell module printed during the session.

25 June, 2015, 3PM London/10AM New York/5PM Helsinki


Organic solar cell printingParticipation fee is 135 €. Register here »


Are you interested in manufacturing freely designed decorative and flexible solar cells? Do you want to see how OPV design modules are printed? Here's your chance! On June 25th VTT will open its solar cell roll-to-roll printing process to a limited number of on-line viewers and will arrange a live video stream from its printing line in Oulu, Finland. Participants to this session will learn about the production steps to solar cell printing, and can watch live as VTT machine operators print the final step in the process – namely printing of the conductive layer onto the pre-fabricated OPV stack.

VTT's specialists will also share their insights on printing solar cell modules which are made from inorganic perovskite materials. Perovskite can increase the efficiency and reduce the cost of the solar cell modules.

Participants will receive via mail a sample of the organic solar cell module produced during the live stream session. The OPV modules will be demonstrated and tested during live stream.

Participants should register a delivery address to which the sample solar cell module will be delivered within a week from the live webcast.

Sign up now, as only a limited number of participant slots and sample units are available!