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Empowered Everyday

01/01/2012 00:00 - 01/01/2012 00:00  


An entertaining, easy and safe everyday life for elderly and disabled empowered by technology

Everyday life is not matter-of-course for all of us. Simple tasks like using normal home appliances, or chatting with a friend on the internet may require significant effort, or even pose an insurmountable obstacle. Fear of failure, outside threats, injury, or unknown technology adds to the challenges faced e.g. by elderly and disabled people every day. Technology may provide some answers, but at the same time tends to introduce even more complexity into the environment.

This seminar will present the results of two research projects, Guarantee and DIYSE, which have addressed the everyday life challenges of elderly and disabled people and developed a variety of concepts. The concepts were developed in close cooperation with the target groups, who provided valuable insight in the needs and limitations, and assisted to co-create application and service prototypes. The technology was developed in cooperation with Finnish and other European partners, and resulted in a set of evaluated prototypes.

The Guarantee project focussed on solutions for the personal safety of people in the home environment. The envisioned “guardian angel” concept technically builds on decision making solutions, and a variety of sensing input and feedback solutions. The DIYSE project aims to support creativity in an internet of things environment, and has focussed in Finland on solutions for the elderly and disabled. It has a strong “Do-It-Yourself” emphasis, and has developed solutions to empower non-technical people to create content or functionality in a smart environment. Both projects belong to the Eureka/ITEA2 programme. Both project consortiums consist of Finnish and European companies, research institutes and universities, and have received funding in Finland from Tekes.

You are very welcome to join the seminar. Participation is free of charge. The language used in the seminar is Finnish and English.

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