Baltica XI 2019 Life Management and Maintenance for Power Plants

11/06/2019 00:00 - 13/06/2019 00:00  

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International Conference

Concepts and solutions for condition and life management of ageing power and process plants

With evolving environmental and business issues in operating and maintaining new and ageing plants, judiciously implemented technical advances may provide competitive opportunities. Nevertheless, new challenges will keep arising from the changes in available and acceptable processes, fuels, systems and frameworks of the markets and regulation. Understanding the mechanisms and opportunities to adapt will provide likely value in maintaining dependable capacity and in establishing justified routes to a sustainable future.  
The BALTICA XI Conference aims to provide an update on the current and emerging approaches for condition and life management of thermal power and process plants, with foreseen benefit particularly for personnel involved with plant operation and maintenance, supply of components and services, and applications of inspections, monitoring, modelling and assessment of critical systems, equipment and materials. The Conference will focus on new issues and cases on evaluated or predicted performance, and added value and insight are sought from practical examples and in-plant experience. 

Principal topics:

  • Concepts, methods and applications in inspections and life management
  • Risk and resilience based management of alternative options  
  • Inspection, integrity and materials issues for high temperature equipment   
  • Solutions for heat exchangers, pipework, boilers, turbines and other critical equipment.


Important dates

Abstract submissions are called by November 23, 2018.
Acceptance of abstracts will be announced by January 18, 2019.
Full papers are called for peer review by March 14, 2019.

Conference language is English.

Venue & Accommodation

Two days of conference will be held on board a passenger ferry in Helsinki and Stockholm, with cabin accommodation and full provision of conference facilities.


Conference sponsorship provides a unique opportunity to promote your company, products and expertise. You can also network with a wide range of internationally recognized experts in the field of condition and life management of power and process plants.