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7th Annual VTT Software Engineering Seminar

01/01/2010 00:00 - 01/01/2010 00:00  


Do you think it is impossible to design a competitive software development process that is fast, secure and efficient, and matches the needs of your company?

Join us in VTT’s annual seminar to hear the latest views of experts and leading companies on efficient and secure software process. Annual VTT Software Engineering Seminar has been created to boost experience exchange between ICT companies. It provides also possibility for discussion between industry and scientific community.

Presentations include interesting hands-on experience and comprehensive views on current trends of software development. There is an excellent opportunity to have deeper talks and networking during the cocktail event. Additional info about interesting research results can be learnt from several demonstrations and posters. Don’t forget to discuss also about upcoming research opportunities with our experts.

Program and invitation

Registration form at link:

(Event name: VTTsoftware, password: engineering)

Register by 12th February 2010. Seminar price is 122 e (incl. VAT) and it includes morning coffee, lunch and cocktail event.

Additional information
Jukka Kääriäinen
Senior Research Scientist
Tel. +358 20 722 2191