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WEEE Mushroom Foraging


  • ​Departure at front of the GT building at 12:30
  • A small snack during the bus trip
  • Foraging will take place in small groups
  • Do not eat any mushrooms before you get permission from your guide :)
  • You will go to the forest, so take suitable boots and clothing
  • Dinner in the forest
  • Good foraging luck and have fun!



You've registered as a participant to the Mushroom foraging Trip on September 12 in Finland. We'll leave from the Workshop site with a bus, and will enjoy a sandwich on the way to Hyvinkää forest so that nobody has to forage on an empty stomach.

Once in the forest, we'll form smaller groups each having a guide. You can either collect every mushroom you find, or concentrate on the edible ones. The guide will help to separate the edible ones. We'll have a break to have a small mushroomy dinner, and gather together to investigate what has been found. There might be some interesting species amongst "collected all that was there".  You'll also participate in science, any ultra-rare ones will be delivered to the Finnish Museum of Natural History to be archived.

There's a toilet in a bus, so that you don't have to do what every Finn would do when foraging after too much coffee, unless you want to.

When you pack for your trip to Finland, please remember to take suitable shoes (hiking shoes or rubber boots) and clothing (we might get some rain, and it's going to be around 10-12 C) with you. If you happen to have a mushroom knife, and you travel with luggage you can take it in, that will be handy. You don't have to bring basket of your own though – we'll get you something to collect the mushrooms to.

We are going to have so much fun! Welcome!

Looking forward to the trip