VTT Sip of Science

Join us for a virtual coffee break!
VTT Sip of Science sessions offer an interesting discussion on topical research themes with top experts. Choose a topic you are interested in and bring your own coffee!

This is a collection of the VTT Sip of Science sessions that have been held in English. For the full list of sessions, see the Finnish version of this page.

Quantum - the time is now

Episode 15 - 30.11.2020

Qubits are coming – are we ready? VTT announced in November that we are ready to begin building of Finland's first quantum computer together with our innovation partner IQM. But what does a quantum revolution actually mean for Europe? Why do we need a quantum computer and who will use it? VTT CEO Antti Vasara, EVP Tua Huomo, Manager of Quantum Programmes Himadri Majumdar and IQM's CEO Jan Goetz grab a cup of coffee and discuss the topic that's close to their hearts!

Chemical plastics recycling helps solve one of the world’s most severe environmental problems

Episode 14 - 5.11.2020

Worldwide, only about 10% of plastic is recycled. Current plastics are often complex multi-material solutions with excellent performance, but are extremely difficult to recycle. When reaching the challenging plastics recycling targets set by EU, we cannot rely on mechanical recycling alone. We also need chemical recycling which breaks the polymeric chain of the material into its building blocks. Executive Vice President Jussi Manninen, Professor of Practice Holger Pöhler and Senior Scientist Anna Tenhunen from VTT and Professor Jukka Seppälä from the Aalto University discuss the benefits and concerns around plastics, and how we can fix the issues of recycling. 

Sip of Science – what’s up in space in the 2020’s?

Episode 12 - 8.10.2020

Our experts cover current space topics and projects from the challenges of inhabiting Mars to the opportunities of nanosatellites and cleaning up space junk. Vice President of Connectivity, Mikko Merimaa moderates the discussion and Vice President of Microelectronics Tauno Vähä-Heikkilä, co-creation manager Marko Höyhtyä and principal scientist Rafael Popper from the Future-proof societies team join in.

Egg without chicken – Is it magic or are we on the verge of a new industry?

Episode 11 - 17.9.2020

Why do we need cellular agriculture? In this episode Pasi Vainikka from Solar Foods, Emilia Nordlund and Jussi Manninen from VTT discuss how biotechnology can contribute to secure food supply

Smart and sustainable cities - mission impossible?

Episode 6 - 14.5.2020

Several cities plan to be carbon-neutral by 2030. In this episode VTT's smart city experts Peter Ylén, Pekka Tuominen and Sami Kazi discuss how we can ensure sustainable actions after pandemia.