Together with our customers, we at VTT want to reshape the future of plastics with new alternative materials and circular economy solutions.

Plastics offer functional and cost-efficient solutions for many of humanity’s basic needs. However, our current ways of utilising and consuming as well as discarding plastics have created huge global challenges with plastic pollution and growing carbon emissions.  

Together with our customers, we at VTT want to reshape the future of plastics with circular economy solutions. We create sustainable new alternative materials, develop recycling and refining technologies with a focus on optimising closed loop and cascade recycling approaches for both fossil and biobased solutions, and improve the plastics by e.g. creating safer additives and solutions to mitigate their environmental impacts e.g. in regards to released microplastics. We believe that by 2035 the new plastic economy will be up and running – and we want our customers to be the frontrunners of this shift gaining the business benefits.  

We provide innovative technologies for companies across value chains and different industries – whether your business is in retail, food, healthcare, transport, recycling, refining or other, VTT can help you research and develop innovations that improve plastic recycling, refine recycled plastics into added-value applications, or replace virgin fossil-based plastics with recycled or biobased materials. Our innovative alternatives to plastic, nanocellulose and thermoplastic cellulose, are high-performing, award-winning examples of our research and development work.  

Our offering in plastics research also encompasses versatile plastic processing facilities where you can develop, test and pilot new solutions. 

Antero Laitinen
Antero Laitinen