Aging population


The population of many western countries is ageing. Products and services targeted at elderly people are in high demand. VTT is involved in envisioning and developing solutions and technologies that promote happy and healthy ageing.

The population of many western countries, including Finland, is ageing rapidly. Pensioners expect and rely on a wide range of health and well-being services. As our mobility decreases, new kinds of aids are needed in the home on a daily basis. There are a lot of opportunities for innovative businesses in the “silver economy”.

Robots are not yet capable of lending an extra pair of hands to elderly people, but they could help our ageing population in many ways in the future.

We believe that technology, such as service robotics, could revolutionise our society and promote the well-being of our ageing population in many ways. In respect of healthcare and nursing services, for example, robotic lifting and carrying aids as well as various kinds of alarm and safety systems can help elderly people to live independently in their own homes and make healthcare professionals’ work easier. 

VTT is a research and innovation partner that develops well-being solutions for the future, ethically and in close cooperation with those who need them. We help with the development of services that benefit elderly people and the testing of new technologies in practice. For example, we are involved in envisioning smart homes for elderly people and one of the contributors to the Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs and Health’s HYTE-AIRO project, which pools together operators to disseminate information and develop innovations. 

Are you interested in helping us to develop services for our ageing population? Find out more about our services below or contact us to set up a bespoke partnership according to your needs.

Pekka Karimaa
Pekka Karimaa
Head of Sales and Customer Partnerships