Three mobility and transport trends to watch out for

Our goal is to cut the carbon footprint of transport in half by 2030. We help develop sustainable transport and traffic solutions both with private and public sectors that support the individual needs of the users. What are the coming trends for mobility and transport during this decade and what is the best way to turn them into profitable business?

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1. New solutions and services for emission-free and carbon neutral transport will emerge

Achieve the targets regarding greenhouse gases set by the EU:

  • Develop new technology solutions for clean transport
  • Create digital services to enable shift to public transport and increase the efficiency of the whole transport system

How to ensure the sustainability of urban transport systems in the transition towards electrification, automation and servitisation?

Electrification of vehicles is expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution, while the growing pervasiveness of intelligent vehicles is likely to reduce traffic accidents and improve the availability of mobility services. However, private cars will continue to pose challenges to the sustainability of urban transport due to their inherent need for parking and road space. Without extensive transport system-level planning and guidance, passenger cars may account for an increasingly large share of urban space. Keep reading in our article.

Photo of a Helsinki street and tram

Webinar: Successful electrification of city’s transport system

A bus is driving down the road at sunset

Zero-emission transport systems with VTT Smart eFleet service

Marko Paakkinen

Video: The fast track to electrify your city fleet talk by Marko Paakkinen

2. User-oriented digital services and business models will enable modal shift to public and shared transport

We help our customers to

  • Streamline multimodal travel chains in urban and rural environments
  • Improve situational awareness to enable sustainable and resilient mobility
  • Advance digitalisation and develop interoperable standardised data platforms to enable the transition to EU-wide travel services
  • Achieve new business and significant cost savings to society with new service concepts and business models
A photo of a person using a touch screen information board in a dark city setting.

New mobility services for individual travel

Finland's tourism assets for international travellers are remote destinations, nature, and nature experiences.

However, in sparsely populated areas, accessing nature attractions without your own car is difficult. For international travellers in particular, finding alternative modes of transport and travel chains connecting different modes of transport can be impossible in the current situation.

3. Predictive situational awareness will enable automated and connected service-oriented transport

We help our customers to

  • Increase traffic safety
  • Optimise capacity and traffic flows
  • Enhance travel experience
  • Create easy-to-use transport services
  • Release human labour and time for alternative functions
Smart city and wireless communication network

Automated truck for wood chip transportation 24/7

Various kinds of mill material needs to be regularly transferred to cellulose and saw mills. Conveyors are cost-effective only in the main flows, so automated trucks play a significant role in the transport of raw materials. VTT connected Stora Enso, Mantsinen and HIAB to try out a pilot solution, to which also Innotrafik and Nokian Tyres participated. VTT also led the retrofit design, which upgraded a manual truck into an automated truck. The key asset was VTT's in-house pool of self-driving software.

  • High reliability and accuracy The truck must run 15 trips during 24 h all year round. The trailer used is oversize, but the lanes are normal = tight tracking margins.
  • Partners get understanding of the possibilities and cost saving potential during the long trial period in real operation
  • Future investment decisions will be based on the findings of the ongoing trial period.

Safer and greener transport with automated driving – how to find the right solution?

Automated cars in a row

Automated driving and smart mobility services

Cars in traffic

Transport and mobility impact assessment and foresight services

An aerial shot of an icebreaker ship going through ice in arctic conditions

Arctic marine technology services

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