VTT Webinar

Thank you for your interest towards bus transport electrification

Electrification plans are on-going rapidly in various levels – how to keep up?

In this webinar you will hear the latest developments and experiences on the electric bus operations and how to make the transition to electric buses with minimum risk.


  • Opening, Marko Paakkinen, Research Team Leader, VTT
  • Electric bus operations in Helsinki and Turku regions by Nobina – first observations Petri Auno, CEO, Nobina
  • Oslo’s status and plans for the electrification, Jon Stenslet, Manager, Ruter
  • Development project of a new electric bus generation, Anouk Hol, Product Manager, VDL
  • Panel discussion
    • Marko Paakkinen, moderator
    • Petri Auno
    • Jon Stenslet
    • Anouk Hol
    • Rafael Åman, VTT

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