Research expertise

New technology and services enable efficient and environmentally friendly transport and logistics. VTT’s transportation research and innovation expertise combines advanced technology, business expertise and a deep understanding of value chains. These help deliver the transportation solutions of tomorrow.

The world needs more sustainable, efficient and user-friendly ways to move people and things. Cities and service operators all around the world are looking for ways to reduce transport emissions and improve performance and safety.

VTT is your research and innovation partner for building the future of transport. Here’s what we envision: Public transport and carpooling will increase in densely populated urban areas. Mobility through easy-to-use services will become a viable alternative to buying a car. VTT contributes to the development of transport-as-a-service from the perspective of technological advancement, the structure of the service ecosystem, and evaluative research. We’ve developed several tools and techniques for improving road safety and the transport system that have been successfully implemented both in Finland and abroad.

VTT is building and testing a future where transport is a service.

Our expertise is in designing and defining the right approach for each business, as well as choosing the right tools and methodology. Our strengths lie in service impact assessment, safe operation of autonomous systems and situational awareness in challenging conditions.

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Heikki Rajasalo
Heikki Rajasalo
Solution Sales Lead, Mobility and Transport