Central Finland to Benefit from Hydrogen Economy with HyPER Project

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Central Finland is set to benefit from the growing hydrogen economy with the implementation of the Hydrogen Production and Storage as an Enabler of Industrial Renewal in Central Finland (HyPER) project.

The HyPER project focuses on establishing a hydrogen production and storage testing site in Central Finland, with an emphasis on digital operation and promotion of electrolytic production of hydrogen via anion exchange membrane electrolysis technology, and the development of metal-organic framework (MOF), carbon and zeolite as sorbents for H2 storage. HyPER also explores potential business cases related to hydrogen in the region.

HyPER project

Why hydrogen in Central Finland?

Hydrogen is seen as a missing piece of the clean energy transition and is likely to disrupt energy value chains in the following years. It has the potential to decarbonize many aspects of human activities, including industrial production, energy generation, transportation, and food production.

Central Finland is one of the regions with high availability of biogenic CO2 but lacks an existing strategy for a hydrogen economy. The region could reap the vast potential of the H2 economy and its value chain.

Hydrogen economy is compatible with the 2030 carbon neutrality target of Central Finland and could contribute to addressing the dwindling peat industry. A regional hydrogen infra and workforce could support the reduction of oil and peat for use in energy production and transport, the advancement of the use of wind and solar power production, an increase in carbon dioxide capture and utilization, and the reduction of the socio-economic impact due to the decline of peat use.

Key enabling factors

Why HyPER?

HyPER project can position the region as a hub for innovation in clean energy technologies. This can attract research institutions, startups, and collaborations, fostering technological advancement. With the demonstration campaigns, HyPER promotes public awareness about hydrogen as a clean energy source, educates the local population about its benefits, and supports hydrogen-related initiatives and policies.

The HyPER project is implemented as a cooperation project between VTT and the University of Jyväskylä, with participation from several companies, including Fimpec, Myrsky Energia Oy, Kytola Instruments Oy, Schwer Fittings Oy, Business Jyväskylä, Vireon, Hitachi Energy, and Andritz.       

The HyPER project is an exciting development for Central Finland and has the potential to bring significant economic and environmental benefits to the region.

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VTT, Janne Kärki, Research Team Leader, [email protected], +358407510053
VTT, Cyril Bajamundi, Senior Scientist, [email protected] , +358405122673
JyU, Karoliina Honkala, Professor, [email protected], +358408053686
JyU, Manu Lahtinen, Senior Lecturer, [email protected], +358408053696


HyPER is VTT’s and the University of Jyväskylä’s group project, which is coordinated by VTT.
Project duration: 01.01.2024 – 31.12.2025
Total budget: 407 000 € ( VTT )  | 458 000 € (JyU)

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Janne Kärki
Janne Kärki
Research Team Leader
Cyril Bajamundi
Cyril Bajamundi
Our vision beyond 2030

Green hydrogen can be used for emission-free storage and carrier of energy. It offers possibilities to shift to the global use and recycling of clean energy.