Electric vehicles and vehicles systems

We research, develop and innovate future’s smart, efficient and eco-friendly electric vehicle technologies and vehicle systems. Join us on this journey!

Key facts

In the European Union, the road passenger transport is estimated to grow by 16% during 2010-2030 and by 30% for 2010-2050.

According to EU Action, it is targeted that the greenhouse gas emissions from road transport are reduced by 23% in 2030 compared to 2005.

We can help you to tackle the electrification revolution through our electric vehicle and vehicle systems expertise.

Emissions and energy consumption of transportation are among the major challenges of our time, and electrification one of the solutions. We are an R&D&I partner focusing on smart and efficient electric vehicles and vehicle systems. Our competence builds upon top-level computational and experimental facilities and knowhow, and years of experience in Finland and internationally. Our unique Transport and stationary power systems -technology platform ensures efficient management and development of our services.

We develop smart electric vehicle systems

We at VTT are experts in the modelling and design of smart electric vehicle systems. To create a functional system, it is vital to consider all relevant components, the vehicle design and operation, charging infrastructure and ambient and topography conditions comprehensively to obtain an optimised outcome.

Our work is based on a state-of-the-art computational toolbox VTT Smart eFleet, which allows us to plan, model and deploy electric vehicle systems as a whole taking into account all the key components in the most efficient way. With that, we promise that your fleet will be technologically sound and economically effective.

We can make road transportation carbon-free by 2035.

Whether you are a city, transportation authority or vehicle producer, we can help you. We have substantial experience witnessed by our most recent research projects (ZeEUS) and cooperation with Helsinki Regional Transport Authority supporting the transition to carbon neutral mobility.

Electric vehicle technologies of the future

Vehicle electrification calls for multifaceted expertise. Take the internal combustion engine and replace it with an electrical machine is not a good strategy. Instead, it is often crucial to start from a scratch, first assessing the vehicle operational profile, deriving the powertrain concept and finally the key components, i.e. the battery, electrical machine and drive, transmission and auxiliary systems.

Whether it is the powertrain or its component, we aim at providing a technically and economically optimised solution. Our offering comprises tailored multi-physics simulation and modelling and experimental services. Our electric vehicle research platform, VTT eLLi, enables research and development in operational environment. Components and parts of powertrains can be tested and qualified on our eDyno test benches.

We have helped our customers within their electrification actions, e.g. coordinated a European Commission funded H2020 project DRIVEMODE to develop next generation powertrain technologies.

Expertise in charging technologies and interoperability of electric vehicles

The lack of clear interoperability rules in electric vehicle charging networks prevents various infrastructures to work together as a united, secure, cost-effective and reliable system.

We are experts in charging technologies and provide consulting services to select the best charging solution. In our interoperability laboratory, we test electric vehicle charging systems for compatibility and interoperability, to ensure that they comply with the latest international standards.

Whether you are a city, transportation authority or vehicle producer, we can help you. We have a strong track record of collaboration with different cities and projects (such as ASSURED) to develop and test high-power solutions for full-size, urban, heavy-duty applications.


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Heikki Rajasalo

Heikki Rajasalo

Solution Sales Lead