VTT CellularFood - creating and piloting sustainable, novel food solutions

Next food revolution and future of food production is here. VTT CellularFood process helps in creating customized future food solutions, set up novel food production, perform piloting and upscaling.

VTT CellularFood

Creating customised future food solution based on case-specific situation

Setting up production of plant and microbial cell cultures with quality and safety assessments

Facilitating production scale-up

Development speed and investment costs are crucial elements in bringing the new food ingredients and products to the market. Our one-stop-shop for novel food innovations offers pilot services and facilities for companies to ensure piloting and scale-up of their new products.

Cellular agriculture is picking up as a new way to produce food. First consumer products have been launched and there are multiple projects ongoing globally to explore the opportunities of cellular food. Cellular agriculture is simply about growing cells under controlled conditions to produce ingredients that are traditionally grown on fields or animal husbandries. The methodology can be used to produce plant and animal-based food ingredients.

Download our handbook: The next big thing for food: cellular agriculture

How does VTT Cellular food help with novel food solutions?

VTT CellularFood is a step-by-step process designed to meet companies needs to establish cellular agriculture based novel food solutions. It is based on cultivating cells in fermenters instead of traditional agricultural systems for producing food ingredients.

Cellular agriculture is more ethical, local and sustainable way to produce food in the future. VTT CellularFood helps companies in meeting the consumer demands and moving ahead with their business.

Identify the potential

A training and consulting package for newcomers in the field of cellular agriculture.

Helps our customers to increase internal understanding on the potential directions cellular food can offer for your business.

There is enormous disruptive potential in VTT´s plant cell cultures as food concept. We were very pleased with the established plant cell lines and their features.
Marika King, Head of PINC, Paulig

We are global experts in food research and innovation

We at VTT have a unique combination of cross-disciplinary expertise with suitable infra and facilities for the creation of future food solutions. We have decades of experience in biotechnology and food research and a complete set of services tailored for specific needs, starting from state-of-the-art evaluation, all the way up to the piloting in industrial settings.

Develop your products

A full package starting from state-of-the-art evaluation, all the way up to piloting in industrial settings in order to develop your capabilities.

Give our customers an easy access to infrastructure from lab-scale to piloting as well as support with commercial scale-up.

How to identify novel food business opportunities and benefit from cellular agriculture?

VTT CellularFood offers companies two streams to ramp up their cellular agriculture strategy. Module 1 identifies the potential and module II helps in developing novel food products and sustainable food innovations based on plant and microbial cell cultures.

VTT CellularFood Module I consists of collaborative workshop, customised opportunity review and training on cellular agriculture.

We help our clients to

  • Understand where the food industry is heading, why and how businesses need to change, and how cellular agriculture can contribute
  • Gain insight on potential cellular agriculture
  • Get a solid basis for decision-making

How to develop novel food products?

VTT CellularFood Module II combines desktop research, established plant or microbial cell cultures, small-scale industrial pilot, tech transfer and scale-up support to ensure the success of the novel food line.

Our step-by-step process helps our clients to avoid fixed investments but benefit from outsourced piloting. It helps in assessing risks, upcoming fixed costs and making decisions based on pilot findings. Potential of the chosen materials becomes visible. By the end of the process companies have established plant cell cultures with tech transfer and supported scale-up for their industrial production.

Novel food adoption is a challenge that requires partnerships

Adoption of novel food must overcome uncertainties with consumer acceptance and regulatory approval. Transparent communication with consumers is needed in gaining the necessary trust. Meeting regulatory requirements is crucial due to strict adherence to safety testing.

Transition to a sustainable food system can be smoothened, and we at VTT help to validate safe and easy approach on the development.

Our visions and expertise are based on long-term experience on the field, with long publication track record, awards, references and spin outs pioneering for the future. We are here to help our clients to produce food in an ethical and sustainable manner also in the future.

Get started with your food innovation journey today. Contact us and let’s discuss more!

Heidi Salminen

Heidi Salminen

Customer Account Lead