Webinar: Converting waste CO2 to high-value chemicals and fuels: the ICO2CHEM project (16 September at 10-12 CET )



Can we turn waste CO2 into a useful product?

ICO2CHEM process takes waste carbon dioxide from industrial plants to convert it into added value Fischer-Tropsch chemicals.

The ICO2CHEM project aims at establishing a pathway to convert waste CO2 into valuable chemicals and fuels. A series of webinars is going to be released starting from September 2020 to illustrate the main project advances and the science and technology behind ICO2CHEM.

Please note that the webinar will be held on 16th September at 10-12 CET.

The second ICO2CHEM webinar, Converting CO2 to chemicals and fuels via the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis route: catalysts, technology and process design, will be held during the second half of October. Stay tuned!

logo of ICO2CHEM