VTT speeds up the Finnish electronics industry ecosystem

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VTT has launched an electronics sector innovation ecosystem aimed at creating a permanent collaboration model to reinforce the international competitiveness of Finnish electronics industry companies.

The cornerstones of the ecosystem are applied research projects that focus particularly on refining the semiconductors and photonics technologies to a pre-commercial stage.  Companies that take part in the open ecosystem and its projects can utilise the technological developments in their research and development activities and reinforce their competitive position on international markets. The goal of the ecosystem is to strengthen Finland's position as a developer of digital applications and products such as IoT-devices and sensors.

The ecosystem's activities have been initiated in stages over the course of 2018, starting with the launch of corporate collaboration projects in fields such as silicon photonics and flexible electronics. The research and innovation activities of the electronics ecosystem will see a strong expansion in the coming months with the launch of new projects. The combined volume of ecosystem projects launched during 2018 already exceeds 15 million euros.

"In addition to our technical expertise, VTT is able to utilise a versatile and modern research infrastructure which helps us to develop new innovations for Finnish technology companies. Over the next three years, we will invest several millions of euros annually on applied research into semiconductor and photonics technology platforms. The launch of the innovation ecosystem activities promotes our goal to create a durable and long-term operational plan for producing globally exclusive added value through our research in close collaboration with our corporate ecosystem partners," says Mikko Merimaa, Vice President, Research of Knowledge intensive products and services at VTT.

"Investments in the development of the cleanroom equipment and hardware at VTT Espoo are supportive not only of basic and applied research, but the R&D needs and short-run production of companies. We can help companies develop and produce new semiconductor and photonics components by utilising the verified technology platforms and processes and world-class production environment at VTT. Through collaboration with VTT and its subsidiary specialised in small-run production, VTT Memsfab Ltd, companies are able to minimise the time, costs and R&D risks involved in the development of new products," states Howard Rupprecht, CEO of VTT Memsfab Ltd.

The first stakeholder event to bring together partners in the electronics industry innovation ecosystem will be held on November 29th in Otaniemi, Espoo. During the event, VTT will present its plans and investments for purposes of activating the innovation ecosystem and strengthening the international competitiveness of participating companies. The event also features presentations by Finnish electronics industry leaders and growth companies on the needs of research on semiconductors and photonics for meeting the demands of international competition.

Jyrki Kiihamäki
Jyrki Kiihamäki
Co-Creation Manager
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