VTT Sense: Enabling circularity and the green transition with new sensing technologies

VTT Micronova
Tietotie 3
02150 Espoo


VTT Sense gathers sensing industry leaders to discuss latest innovations and future visions on sensing technologies, analysis, measurement and on digitalisation. In addition to gaining new knowledge and insights, the seminar is a great place for networking.

Key topics for VTT Sense January edition:

  • Recirculation in action
  • Liquid measurements
  • Technologies for sorting and recycling​​​​​


Session 1: Recirculation in action
Chair: Tuomas Sormunen, Research Scientist, VTT

  • 13:00 Welcome and opening, Jyrki Kiihamäki, VTT
  • 13:05 The mystery of reincarnation – Fundamentals of WEEE and REEE processing, Ben László, Kuusakoski Recycling
  • 13:20 Circularity in metals recovery, Päivi Kinnunen, VTT
  • 13:35 Waste sorting and sensor technologies – Rusko waste sorting facility and the challenges to be solvedEero Martikainen, Syklo

13:50 - 14:30 BREAK & VTT DEMOS

Session 2: Liquid measurements
Chair: Katariina Rahkamaa-Tolonen, Research Team Leader, VTT

  • 14:30 Game changing online metals monitoring of battery metals in manufacturing and recycling, Toni Laurila, Sensmet
  • 14:45 Inline process microscopy for the real-time analysis of process suspensions, Hannu Eloranta, Pixact
  • 15:00 Inline refractometers enabling economic and environmental performance in industrial processes, Markus Huuhtanen, Vaisala
  • 15:15 Minimizing waste and optimizing process through liquid fingerprint, Julia Carballo Vieira, ColloidTek

15:30 - 16:00 BREAK & VTT DEMOS

Session 3: Technologies for sorting and recycling
Chair: Jussi Soukkamäki, Lead, Hyperspectral & Imaging Technologies

  • 16:00 Hyperspectral imaging in sorting, Jussi Soukkamäki, VTT
  • 16:15 Ultra-miniaturized Optical Spectrometers, Andreas Liapis, Aalto University
  • 16:30 Case examples of using X-ray in material sorting to reduce waste and optimize processes, Petteri Heikkinen, Detection Technology
  • 16:45 Industrial insight: Requirements and restrictions in textile recycling, Mirka Sireni, Valmet


Networking at 5 pm - 7 pm
Share your thoughts of the day and continue networking with other seminar participants while enjoying refreshments. 


Registration to the event is closed.


The seminar will take place in VTT Micronova, Tietotie 3, 02150 Espoo, Finland.

Location addresses, maps and arrival instructions to VTT Espoo: Contact us | VTT (vttresearch.com). We recommend using public transportation and taking a metro to Aalto University station.  

Jyrki Kiihamäki
Jyrki Kiihamäki
Co-Creation Manager