VTT iBEX 2022 Final Event

Maijansali in Oodi, Töölönlahdenkatu 4
00100 Helsinki


Welcome to follow the recording of the VTT iBEX 2022 Final Event!

The VTT iBEX is an early-stage innovation programme, which gives our researchers the opportunity and tools to provide solutions to the most pressing global problems. The teams have been working hard all the year round to solve some of the most critical global challenges. Now it's time to reveal the outcomes. The event is a great opportunity to hear about their journey beyond the obvious!

Programme on 15 February, 2023

  • 12.30 Opening words
  • Presentations of the VTT iBEX-teams and discussion
  • Coffee
  • Presentations of the VTT iBEX-teams and discussion
  • 14.30 Closing words
  • Networking
  • 15.00 End of the event

VTT iBEX 2022 projects:

  • ForceOfNature - How can we utilize cell factories to produce in situ animal-free meat components (protein-fat-flavor) and structures?
  • Untroubled Ammonia -  How do we move away from carbon in heat and electricity production?
  • DACU - Can we combine carbon-negative direct capture of CO2 from air with carbon utilization into a single process?
  • SpiderSpindles  - Can we create a biomaterial with increased conductivity to be used for promoting neuron regeneration?
  • BioCATechol -  How can we improve performance of future biorefineries and reduce lignin waste?
  • Degradable Polyolefins - How can we increase the enzymatic degradation of polyolefins and reduce plastics waste?
  • CoolCellulose - How do we create cellulose films with passive radiative cooling features?
  • Boomerang - How can we create materials with superior properties (e.g. water repellancy) from cellulose?
  • BioAuthenticator - How can we distinguish biogenic-products from products of fossil origin?
  • REEfree - How can we decrease the use of heavy rare earth elements in the production of permanent magnets?

Recording of the VTT iBEX 2022 Final Event

See the recording!